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Life Without Parole for Juveniles

            In the USA, thousands of Americans are serving the life without parole because of the crime they committed at juvenile age. Most of them are murderers or recidivisms. Among these prisoners, there is a man who murdered his father, stole all his parents' money, and ran away from home when he was just 16-year-old. Therefore, although some people state that the life without parole is too cruel to adolescent, it is still fair that some juveniles who committed severe crimes are sentenced to life without parole.
             Opponents believe that juvenile criminals should not be locked away the whole life. In their opinion, the youth still have possibilities to be educated and changed, as their cognition of the society and the world is not complete. According to a study done by the National Institutes of Health, "the region of brain that inhibits risky behavior does not fully form until age 25" (Sheehan). Therefore, as a teenager younger than 19-year-old, the juvenile criminal's mind can be rebuilt through the appropriate education. If the government didn't give them opportunities to correct their mistakes, the nation may be considered unreasonable or even inhuman.
             Furthermore, isolating juveniles from ordinary life is a bad violation of the right to liberty, in some people's perspective. Every human being has the right to pursue his or her own career. To juveniles, if they were sentenced to life without parole, they would lose the chance to achieve their dreams and do whatever they want. We will never be able to imagine the feeling spending every single day in a little prison cell and never dare to hope to enjoy the happiness with our family and friends. This is beyond somebody's acceptance. .
             However, did you ever hear the crying from the relatives and friends of victims? If the juvenile criminals don't have the right of liberty, the people who are killed by these convicts even don't have the right to life! The guilt as severe as murder deserve that the offenders are locked for life to compensate for the lost lives.

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