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The Juvenile Justice System

            They have created a system with the intentions to make juveniles aware of the consequences that come with committing a crime but it is still yet to be determined how severe the consequences should be. The Supreme court decided that juveniles who have committed murders could not be sentenced to life in prison based on the fact that it violates the eighth amendment. The topic on whether teenagers should be sentenced to life without parole has been a controversial subject for quite some time now. Juveniles should have to face consequences for committing crimes but their consequences should not be as severe as people expect them to be. It has been proven that the brain is still going through development, also there is a high possibility that juveniles may become more dangerous if they are put in prison,.
             There are various reasons to why juveniles should not be tried as adult. Studies have been made and proven that may lead to the reason why teenagers commit crimes. In the article "Startling finds on the Teenage Brain" Thompson mentions that there have been startling discoveries have emerged about the teenage brain. In the same article, Thompson also reveals that there has been discoveries proving that there is massive loss of brain tissue. The last portion of the brain to reach full development is front lobe, which governs impulse control which explain youths lack of reasoning. It should be recognized that as children, they are at a confused time of their life and easily influenced due to a lack of critical ability and at a disorderly time of transition.
             Juveniles have a strong tendency to act on impulse, and have less knowledge of the consequences their actions might have. Juveniles need to be counseled to be able to rehabilitate and be given a second chance to make up for the impulsive actions that were made. Taking away freedom from juveniles for their rest of their life gives them no chance for their young self an opportunity to improve their life.

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