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My Trip to the Eiffle Tower

            Over the summer of my junior year my parents and I got to go to Europe. We traveled all over; we went to Germany, Italy, Austria, Bavaria and France. Every place was wonderful in its own different way. My favorite place was Paris, it was so beautiful! There we were standing in line with thousands of people while the sun was setting. There was a nice breeze until we walked closer to the entrance and stood behind a plastic wall shielding us from the breeze. The entrance was the front right leg of the Eiffel tower. Right before we got on the elevator the lights had turned on, making the Eiffel tower brighter than any other building in France. .
             We were next to get on, I had never been this excited about anything in my life before! My family and I and 50 other people got on this huge elevator. It had a jumpy start, I didn't think it could pull us all the way up! It was surrounded with windows but all I could see was the leg of the tower. Then we stopped to let a few people off. The first floor was this beautiful romantic restaurant. They had low lights and tables for two, it was very elegant. .
             The elevator door slammed shut then we kept on moving up. There we were, on the second floor of the magnificent Eiffel Tower. I had always dreamed of being up there, but I never thought I would make it. The sun was down, weather perfect, and it was windy. It could not have gotten any better! I walked to the edge and could not believe my eyes. The sky was pitch black but the city of Paris was lit up. On one side I saw Arc De Triumph, the giant Ferris wheel and carousal, and the river. Oh it was so pretty! The river had lights lining it and the bridges. The boats floating down the river had hundreds of people dining on them and families enjoying their time on the carousal and Ferris wheel. .
             Then we looked at our watches to see that it was 9:55, we realized that we had 5 minutes until the light show started.

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