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The Tell Tale Heart - Literary Analysis

            The Tale Tell Heart, written by Edgar Allen Poe is a very dark, but magnificent piece of writing. It is about an unnamed narrator who tells the story from first person. It is about the narrator basically admitting that he killed an old man. However, he claims he is not insane. He says he did not do it out of anger or to get something from the man, but because the man that he killed had a pale blue eye that threw him off. He did not like the mans pale blue eye, he was afraid of it. The narrator would go into the man with the pale eyes house every night and watched him sleep. He would wait until it was the right time and night to murder the man. On the night that he decides to kill, the old man with the eye wakes up and yells. The old man was very scared, and his heart was racing. The narrator could hear the heart beat of the old man. The old man just sat awake in his bed very scared. The narrator could hear the mans heartbeat so well that he thought that the neighbors might hear it, so he decided to kill him immediately after he thought that. He killed the man and cut him up into a bunch of pieces. Then he hides the body parts underneath the floorboards of the room. He is very thorough and cleans up very precisely. Soon after the police arrives because the neighbors called because they claimed to have heard a shriek. The narrator plays it cool, and talks normally to the police. He is very confident and even brings the police into the room where the body is hidden. The narrator is very confident and cocky until he hears the heartbeat again. He ends up getting scared and he thinks that the policemen can hear the heartbeat too. He gets really nervous and ends up confessing to the crime, and telling the men to rip up the floor boards.
             I really enjoy this piece. It is very dark, and has very good imagery, and description. Edgar Allen Poe describes this situation very well, especially at the end once the police comes into the story.

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