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The Consequences of Obesity

             I used to discovered lots of places with special food anytime I was free. I remembered my favorite food is fried chicken and cheese sticks. Eating these food day by day made me overweight, and the doctor said I had a heart problem. He said I was lucky because some other people were diagnosed obesity. It took a lot of effort for the obesity people to get back to the normal weight. America, where fast food is everywhere with a very affordable price, was one of the most country having a highest rate of the obesity. Although there are some main reasons that lead to serious consequences, obesity is not a very bad thing and can be prevent by ourselves.
             The first topic will focus on the physical reasons that lead people to obesity. Environment is one of the most important reason that affects, encourages obesity. For example, the tight work schedules leave people no free time to exercise; the lack of neighborhood side walks or safe places to exercise; the lack of access to healthy foods makes people gain unnecessary fat. Beside, junk food is a major reason, also. The characteristic of junk food is lots of fat contain, and difficult to digest, which resulted in gaining weight to whom eating it. The last main physical reason is the lack of energy balance. According to the "What causes overweight and obesity?" article, to maintain a healthy weight, your energy in and out have to balance exactly overtime. Overweight and obesity happened over time when you took in more calories than you used. .
             The second topic shows how some mental issues can lead to obesity as well. Some people tend to eat more when they have depression or stress. There are some certain hormones, that the body released, can increase the tendency to store fat, gain weight when you're in stress. Alcoholism is not only an addiction but also a reason that leads to obesity. Any kind of alcohol beverage adds fat more to the body.

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