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            Since I came to the United States, everywhere I go I see people who are so obese that they can hardly walk. The first time, it was very strange for me simply because I never saw that kind of obesity before. I wondered how someone could let himself become a part of this situation, which makes me ask these questions,"Why are people so obese in the United States than other countries? Which weight is considering to be obese people? How obesity does affect obese peoples" health? How can we prevent ourselves from being victims of obesity?.
             When my teacher asked us to pick a topic, I didn't find any difficulty in picking mine because I want so badly to know about the obesity which I found to be a good topic.
             I started searching in the school library, I tried first to find some books that talk about obesity, and I could not find them because the books were out. This assured me that I" m not the only one who's interest in this subject. Any way, I tried to look again in the public library, this time I was successful. Looking for articles and magazines was a little easier than looking for books.
             In general, I always thought that obese people are everyone with a thickness of the layer of fat under his skin, who can hardly walk. After I started my research I was so surprised to learn that every person who seems not to be overweight to me is. "According to most health care providers,1 men with more than 25 percent body fat and women with more than 30 percent body fat are obese" ( Brassil, p1of 4). 2 "A 1999 study reported by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that 61 percent of the adults in the U.S.are overweight and 13 percent of children obese" (Okie, p1of2), this makes me ask this question, "Why is the percentage of obesity higher in the U.S than other countries, is the way they live now different than before, or is the kind of food eaten here?".
             I think that the escalating rate of obesity is reflective of the way we live and the way we eat today.

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