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The Female Athlete Triad

            In today's society many women are in a constant battle with their bodies. Most television commercials and magazine.
             advertisements portray the images of happy, thin women. The message that is relayed and that is commonly observed by.
             women is that if one wants to be attractive, she"d better be thin. Several false impressions have developed among women.
             including the idea that food is the fattening enemy, thinner is better, and exercise can help shape a perfect body (Clark, 1996). .
             For women involved in sports, the pressures may be even greater. Coaches" prompting or the images of successful athletes.
             may encourage athletes to strive to become thinner in an attempt to perform better or to look better while performing. The.
             results of these pressures usually develop an excessive concern about food, weight, and body shape, and may develop into the.
             female athlete triad of disordered eating, amenorrhea, and osteoporosis (Clark, 1996; Smith, 1996). .
             The Female Athlete Triad .
             Mixed messages surround many athletes, especially female athletes. Female competitors are expected to be assertive and.
             aggressive, yet have the appearance of sweet little girls (Smith, 1996). The mixed messages can be confusing for many female.
             athletes, as well as the compounding external pressures placed on the athletes; therefore, an individual may feel as though her.
             weight is the only thing that she can control (Smith, 1996). .
             The female athlete triad is a triad of medical disorders - eating disorders, amenorrhea, and osteoporosis (Beals, Breg, &.
             Gongon, 1999). Alone or in combination, the disorders of the triad can negatively affect health and impair athletic performance.
             (Beals, Breg, & Gongon, 1999). Consequences of the triad may include psychological sequelae, irreversible bone loss, other.
             disorders related to starvation, decreased serum estrogen levels, and death (Smith, 1996). .
             Anorexia Nervosa .
             Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that has been defined as a purposeful loss of weight beyond the normal range, or a fear.

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