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Attitudes and the strategies for changing attitudes towards

            The purpose of this study is to determine when attitude formulation occurs and whether or not an individuals attitude to netball can be changed. This topic is of particular relevance as it will enables teachers/coaches to learn and understand how to promote positive attitudes towards both netball and sport in general to all pupils, which will then set the foundations for a positive attitude towards netball and sport that will last a lifetime. It is also important for the realisation of attitudes and allows for further research such as cross cultural differences to be carried out.
             Triandis (1971) described attitudes as "Ideas charged with emotion (positive or negative) which predisposes a class of actions to a particular social situation." This refers to a persons own thoughts and ideas provoking a certain behaviour when we are placed in different situations. .
             A positive attitude has been described by Mann (1973) simply as "an admiration and liking for a particular activity or event." At the other end of the scale is negative attitudes described by Calder wood (1996) as "an attitude that reflects upon unpleasant experiences or failures which then condition the way we view similar situations.".
             Smoll and Schutz (1982) claimed "positive attitudes towards sport and PE often come about by encouragement from others, opportunities to continue participation, and having some success from participating." Woods (1996) conducted research into attitudes towards physical education and exercise in general. Although finding no submerging pattern in pupils attitudes towards exercise and P.E. Woods did continue to explore the reasons for attitude formulation and suggested; "Many people have negative attitudes, this can be for a number of reasons which may include finding exercise frustrating or boring, being discouraged by others, and the person may have a negative physical self-concept.".
             Many psychologists have conducted research into given the existence of a particular attitude (negative) how it can be changed into a positive attitude.

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