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CEO Craig Jelinek and Costco

             Costco is a wholesale membership club that provides a wide variety of consumer products. As of July 2012, it is the second largest retailer in the United States, the seventh largest retailer in the world and the largest membership wholesale club chain in the United States. Costco has 637 locations worldwide, and 36 new stores coming soon, 18 in the United States and 18 elsewhere including 2 in Spain and 7 in Asia (CNBC.com). Costco CEO Craig Jelinek is committed to excellence and helping Costco to continue to grow and succeed.
             History and Biography.
             W. Craig Jelinek has working in the grocery industry in some capacity for over 40 years. While he was in junior high school (1969), he was a bagboy for FedMart. He continued working for the company as a good stocker while he went to college and completed his education. In 1975, he became a manager with FedMart. Mr. Jelinek joined Costco in 1984, and in May 1986 to September 1994, he served as Vice President, Regional Operations Manager in the Los Angeles Region. Mr. Jelinek served as Senior Vice President, Operations-Northwest Region of Costco Wholesale Corp. since September 1994 and he has served as Chief Operating Officer, Northern Division of Costco Wholesale Corp. since September 1995.Craig Jelinek has been the President of Costco since February 2010 and the CEO since January 1, 2012. Prior to this, Mr. Jelinek serves as Executive Vice President since September 1995, and as the Chief Operating Officer of Merchandising since February 2004. He served as Chief Operating Officer of Costco Wholesale Corporation from January 28, 2010 to January 1, 2012. As well as his roles with Costco, Jelinek is also a member of the board at Seattle University and sits on a board of a children's hospital. In his spare time, he enjoys playing golf for charity and enjoys boating. He has three children: two daughters and a son, and one grandson.
             Leadership styles vary within different organizations.

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