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The Musical Necessity

            The cultural worth of music is quite possibly one of the biggest parts of society, as we know it today. Music has been a valuable tool of expression and a highly respected form of art since the very beginning of human culture. Artists have created masterpieces to it, people have timelessly used it to evoke their own creativity, whether that is when writing or creating their own works of art. It's a necessary tool in my day to day and I have always loved music passionately. Although I have no talent with instruments I still constantly have my iPod in. Lucretius likes to use his theory of the existence of atom, void, and swerve to explain how the world works while I want to show how the world works with the help of songs. How music is composed of different notes while to Lucretius objects are made of different atoms and create different sensations. Different musical notes are combined to make a song that evokes a unique sensation with harmony just as the different atoms in an object function together to create a sensation specific to that object.
             Harmonious and inharmonious sounds are what give our day-to-day experiences with sounds variations. Depending on how smoothly a noise sounds to us dictates on how much or how little we enjoy that sound. It's apparent in every part of life that the harmony in sounds is important. Along with the harmony of sounds it can also be seen that in, "in every living being you can see [music], and if you look with an open insight into the nature of things, you will read even in the trees- the tree that bears fruit or flower – what music it expresses" (Rothenberg 15). It's determined what harmony of music an object can give off by how it appears in nature. Whether it is a sharp prickly cactus or a delicately blossoming cherry tree. The details of that object as it appears to us in reality show how soft or harsh its own individual song is.

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