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Juveniles on Trial as Adults

            Are kids still kids when they commit a crime? We look at the younger generation and think they are harmless and cant hurt anyone. We are witnesses to all of the recent school shootings, robberies, and also police killings on young men. Being witness to all of this mayhem, the question of teens being trialed as adults when they commit a crime should be answered while all of the crimes are happening today. Maxwell Morton, 16 years old was charged with the murder of 16 year old, Ryan Mangan. Morton shot Mangan in the face by Maxwell. It doesn't stop there; Maxwell took a picture on snapchat and sent it to all of his friends. The police found out about the murder from one of the friends that got the picture and the friend showed his mother. They found Mangan in his mother's home in the same chair he was shot in. Morton, 16, was charged criminal homicide and murder in the first degree. In conclusion to this horrible murder, this shows that teens can be held as adults when they commit a serious crime such as this one. .
             In the juvenile information exchange, Aug 2, 2011, has a paragraph of the family from Jennifer Jenkins who was shot and killed on the year of 1990 in Chicago. The family who were murdered was her sister, sister's husband and the non-born baby that was still in the womb. The woman begged for her life for her unborn child as he shot her. The man told a friend about his "Thrill Kill" and that he wanted to see what it felt like to shoot someone. The offender is now doing 3 life servings in the Illinois Department of Corrections. The teen was sentenced like an adult would be. .
             Going back to the last paragraph, the teen was sentenced what is know as JLWOP (Juvenile Life Without Parole). This answers many questions if teens should be trialed as adults. Killing of a family and one is an unborn baby is the most cruel and inhumane murders.

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