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Abraham Lincoln - Leadership and Legacy

            Abraham Lincoln is considered one of the best presidents in American history. He had a great impact on American history that still impacts us yet today. Lincoln is considered the savior of the union during the Civil War and emancipated all of the slaves living in America with the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. Without him the north likely would of been defeated by the Confederacy, and African American's might still be slaves. Abraham Lincoln is a perfect example of leadership and legacy with his greatly successful job of ruling the United States of America and without him slavery may still be around today in some parts of the United States and the Confederacy likely a separate country, broken away from the US.
             Raised up squatting in a piece of public land after his family lost their cabin in a land dispute, Abe had a hard and tough lifestyle growing up. At only the age of 9 years old his mother died of tremetol, this greatly affected young Abe and made his relationship with his father strained leaving him with little parental influence. Eventually his father married a new woman whom Abe got along well with and looked up to. There was little time for education growing up because Abe had to do lots of hard labor to help provide for his family and neither his step mom or dad were very educated with both likely being illiterate. His step mom however knew the importance of getting an education and encouraged Abraham to read and soon he fell in love with reading and was known to walk for miles to simply borrow a book. It wasn't until he was around the age of manhood that he received any kind of formal education which was roughly 18 months but with often extended gaps between lasting days sometimes weeks. In all Abe Lincoln did not have a very easy time growing up facing multiple tragic events but this shaped the man and leader he would grow up to be.
             A not so well known fact about Lincoln is that before his presidency is he was not a very well known or loved politician before being president and even then he was not very well liked by many.

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