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My Stand on Abortion

            Abortion is an important social issue, as it would encompass a woman freely giving up on her baby by killing the little creature. Is abortion a choice or is it immorality? Different people have different opinions over it. Few might think that we do not have the right to abort. We do not have by any sense the right to "kill" an unborn baby. Others would like to point out that abortion it's not really a "crime" if it's committed when the fetus has reached 12 weeks. I believe that abortion is wrong, when women commit it for a selfish reason. There are different solutions that a woman might take, so she doesn't have to go through abortion. Abortion is a real alarming problem. Every year all around the world are more than 50 million aborts, and this is a huge moral problem. .
             My standpoint about abortion is developed by a big "No". I would approve abortion only when the pregnant women is facing a miscarriage, or unfortunately has been raped. Abortion is not just morally wrong, despite this, it also has economic disadvantages to the state; mental disorders that might happen after a woman abort and health problems too. On the other hand there are these awful situations, a girl that becomes pregnant after being raped, or being part of incest, and in her eyes abortion is the only solution. Morality and ethics are the key points to this social problem. The fetus in the womb has the same legal rights as any other human being. Abortion, is a social issue that would be considered wrong in any moral aspects and medical concepts. Morally is wrong because we don't own the right to decide over someone else's life. So, we can't decide, about their present or future. Legally it would be considered a crime. Killing someone is a crime. Medically abortion is a crime against an unborn baby. It's the same as a mother kills her born baby. .
             The theology would include two kinds of abortion: 1-Intended abortion, 2-unintended abortion.

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