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Compare and Contrast European Monarchies

            King Charles and Oliver Cromwell fought against each other during the English Revolution. One cause of the war was disagreement over religion, specifically that one side was Catholicism, and the opposing side was Puritanism. King Charles and Oliver Cromwell's similar ruling styles despite their different religions show that religion does not have an effect on the way monarchs rule.
             King Charles was the son of King James. His ruling style was very similar to his father's, in which he ruled as an absolute monarch. However, in England, there was Parliament, which limited the power of monarchs. Parliament was there to make sure that the people of England had a voice. King Charles made it possible for himself to rule as an absolute monarch because he did not allow Parliament to meet with one another (Morgan 42). Charles raised taxes because he desired more money and power. When King Charles hit the point when he could not raise taxes anymore, he went to Parliament to obtain funds that were up to his standards. Parliament hesitated, but agreed if Charles agreed to sign the Petition of Right. The Petition of Right stated that Charles could not tax without a purpose if he did not have consent from Parliament first (Greaves).  As soon as Charles obtained his funds, he went back to ruling without Parliament. This was one of the causes of the English Civil War. King Charles was captured whilst fighting against the rebel army. He was the first king to ever be put on trial. King Charles was accused of being a tyrant, traitor, murderer, and a public enemy. As punishment, King Charles was beheaded (Shepard). The death of King Charles I showed people that absolute monarchs did not have as much power that people originally thought they had. .
             After King Charles was sentenced to death, England decided that they were in need of a change. The people of England followed out their idea by changing the form of government to a republic.

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