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Ghengis Khan and the Making of the Modern World

            Genghis Khan is said to be one of the greatest rulers in all of history. He conquered lands from Zhongdu (Today known as Beijing) all the way to Baghdad. He gained control of land by using many unique warfare tactics, a strong army formation and a lot of trickery. He also used propaganda and acceptance of new people to gain and keep control over land. He also instituted new laws that helped his army, society, and his new conquered lands to be successful. All of these things helped Genghis Khan conquer and keep control over his new land. Technology had a huge impact on Genghis Khan's rule over his land. Land cultivation techniques and communication held great mind and his ideas to defeat the Song dynasty's technology. The Islamic and European empires fell due to the fact that the Mongols had better weapons and better strategic ideas. Genghis Khan spread his technology and ideas through the people he conquered and by merchants and travelers that went outside the Mongols territory.
             Genghis Khan used many really smart war tactics and ideas to win battles and wars. One method was the Dog Fight tactic, in which he acted as if was pulling back his troops and retreating, so the opponent came out to gather up the treasures of the Mongols, and then the Mongols attacked the opposing city and had easy entrance into the city to raid it (95). The Moving Bash or Tumbleweed formation was another tactic used by the Genghis Khan and it was described as units of ten warriors dispersing in enemy camp in a hit-and-run maneuver in order to surprise and wound the enemy before the enemy could retaliate (61). Another tactic was the Crow Swarm or Fallen Stars attack. This particular method was carried out so that the army should attack the opponent from all directions at once on horseback making a great amount of noise and confusion among the enemy, therefore making it easier for Genghis Khan to win his battles (94),.

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