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Ghengis Khan

             Seven hundred years ago a man almost conquered the earth. He made himself ruler of half the known world, and inspired human kind with a fear that lasted for generations. During the course of his life he was given many names such as; the Mighty Manslayer, the Scourge of God, the Perfect Warrior, and the Master of Thrones and Crowns. He is better known to us as Genghis Khan. (Lamb 13). Being a military genius Genghis Khan united an entire empire through his great influence and firm beliefs of organization, strategy and tactics, and his very own series of Customary Laws, the Yassa. Genghis Khan was able to gain and maintain respect form those whom he governed, and strive onward to be a successful leader.
             Although recorded as one of the greatest Khans or Captains of the world. "One old prophet sadly summed up these words in his experience with Khan and the Mongols, " they came, they mined, they slew- trussed up their loot and departed." (Lamb 17). Nonetheless, Genghis Khan raised the Mongols from an unknown civilization into highly skilled men who obeyed every command without question.
             Building and developing the strongest army of his time was not an easy task for Genghis Khan. Therefore he had to create and enforce such laws and rules specific for the members of the Mongolian society as well as his Armed Forces. The Yassa was Genghis" series of laws, a combination of his own will and the most convenient of tribal customs. (de Hartog 38). "The ruling that divides men of the army into tens, hundreds, thousands, and ten thousands is to be maintained." (Lamb 201). This arrangement serves to raise an army in a short time, and to form the separate units of command. Also stated in the Yassa, the moment a battle began, each soldier must receive his arms from his commanding officer. (Lamb 201). Due to the overwhelming factor that the members of these Mongolian tribes were not smothered in riches, (Severin, National Geographic) and regarding their weapons and armor were on loan to them from the Khan.

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