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Disadvantages of Mandatory School Uniforms

            What if Almaty International School is considering a new policy that will require all students to wear uniforms? Do you agree with your principal or not? The idea of putting a policy in place that would require all students to wear school uniforms is certainly a terrible idea. Why? It is a terrible idea because there would be many financial problems in low-income families; it would cause psychological damage to students and their individuality and affect the student's education and discipline too. .
             First, problems that would appear by putting a school uniform policy in place would be the financial burdens put on some families. If you think about the new policy, you can understand that a school system cannot make parents pay for the unnecessary school uniforms, but it does. The students that wear school uniforms have to buy more than one school uniform because their clothes need to be washed and dried before the next school day. Because school uniforms dry slowly like any other clothes, parents must also buy second uniform, which includes pants, shirt, and shoes for boys; and skirt, shirt, and shoes for girls in some schools. In some schools, there are also special-day uniforms, so it makes the financial problem in low income families even worse. It would also be a waste of money if the child is no longer able to attend the school for some reason. .
             Second, the new policy would take away the student's self expression and individuality. Kids and teenagers use their clothes to express themselves. Some students who are against the uniforms might lose their self-identity after the policy is put in place. Students want to express themselves through fashion, but their self expression is limited. For example, if a child loves some sports and sport teams, he might choose to wear a T-shirt with a logo or a symbol of their favorite sport teams. Clothing choice is the way a student can show what he feels like and what interests him.

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