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Digging Deeper into America and the Holocuast

            "I was fourteen when I first experienced anti-Semititsm. At Collegiate School, a boy called me a "Dirty Jew" (Beir, p. xxxiiii). These are the words author Robert Beir used to describe his life experiences in 1932, soon after Adolf Hitler had announced that he would be the next Chancellor of Germany. Roosevelt and the Holocaust, written by Robert L. Beir, is a well researched and thought out timeline on what was going on in the mind of Franklin Roosevelt during his time as President. The author considers himself to be a "Rooseveltian" although throughout the book, he occasionally goes against some of FDR's decisions. Beir considers FDR to be a hero and adds How FDR Saved the Jews and Brought Hope to a Nation as the subtitle for his book. Beir's introduction of himself provided insight on his feelings on growing up as a German Jew in the United States and how he believed someone who he later in the book calls a "hero" helped saved to Jewish people from war. The book takes us through the time period when Hitler first took over Germany until the concentration camps were liberated. Throughout the book, the author introduced who worked for and against FDR, along with people who worked directly under FDR during his time in office. Beir also described what they did to find a solution to crush Hitler's Final Solution. The author writes about several key events during the war, such as FDR sending United States troops over to Europe, the President being in contact with the Nazi party and most importantly, him attending UN conferences to help understand what was going on and how the United States could step in and help. During FDRs time in office, there were some key incidents that occurred directly between the United States and Europe: the Summer Olympics of 1936 in Berlin, the S.S St. Louis and the plans for liberation. .
             As I am a Jewish American myself, I take much pride in my religion.

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