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            In Alicia, I feel that I posses and lack some of her main qualities. I am very loyal to my family and friends, and I feel hatred towards the Nazis. However, I do not think that I could stay as collected throughout such hardships faced in the holocuast. .
             Alicia is always looking out for her family and fellow Jews. When they are sick or injured, Alicia is constantly there to lend a helping hand. I would like to think that my friends can turn to me if they are ever in such need. Although I have never impacted anyone's life as greatly as Alicia, for instance nursing my family back to health after they have contracted typhus. Hopefully I have made small changes that have helped people, such as helping with homework or social problems.
             Another quality that I posses in conjunction with Alicia, is hatred for the Nazis. Until reading this book, I had disliked the Nazis and thought of them as "bad" people. Now however, I realize the extent of terror they put millions of innocent civilians through; I feel the hate that Alicia felt as I read her book.
             One quality that I wish I could have, is the ability to control my anger. Alicia, although infuriated, depressed, and immersed in turmoil, bottles her anger inside and never lets it reach the surface where it could potentially get her or her family killed. If in Alicia's place, I would simply blow up, as Milek did, and lash out at the Nazis. If I were a Jew in the holocaust, I would not have survived past the First Action.
             Alicia is and amazing person, with great qualities, as everyone who lived through the holocaust must be. I feel that I am loyal as she is and also hate the Nazis with the passion that she does. Nevertheless, my temper would have been my downfall in her situation.

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