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Alicia Keys

             Alicia Keys is a talented rhythm and blues singer though only 24, Alicia is at the breaking point of her young career, being a very popular singer and is seen many times on MTV and MTV2. The songs seem to have a bluesy, loose feel, with jazz tinges. A reporter from a magazine had said the album "The diary of Alicia Keys" sounded "very '70s. And that's a good thing." .
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             Starting out as an orphaned child she found her heart in the piano, of which she poured her heart and soul into and produced beautiful soul blues. Alicia had written all of her own songs and lyrics and when she was ready to produce her first album at nineteen, the record company rejected her. With her hopes and dreams crashing down she stopped playing for a while and Alicia's friend Dan helped her back up a few weeks later and started a record-producing studio. With that they launched off her album Diary.
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             Alicia showed off her current single "You Don't Know My Name," From her album "The Diary Of Alicia Keys" featured a delicious performance by famed soul group Moments (also known as Roy, Goodman and Brown), "Streets of New York," The title of Alicia's album wasn't completely clear, but could turn out to be her biggest hit so far. This was after she teased the audience with a medley from her first album of "How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore?" "A Woman's Worth" and "Falling." .
             What's obvious is that Alicia Keys has just an enormous talent the depths of which have yet to be explored. It's very exciting to think she'll be making music for the next 20 years or more.

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