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             "Black Star Power,'' is it a phrase, is it a quote, or is it a way of life? We'll for BET it is a way of life. BET the formally black owned cable company and channel has helped African American Entertainers by creating a forum for black artist and entertainers for the past twenty years. This is done by showing African American entertainers ability whether it be through, music videos, movies, or documentaries, BET helped many Black Entertainers. Any media coverage is good, but most Black Entertainers looks for BET' s media coverage to boost their career.
             In 1982, a man by the name of Robert Johnson came up with a concept, away that he could help African American Entertainers get the credit and recognition they deserve. BET proves this with shows such as BET START, 106 and Park, BET.COM Countdown, and for the black actors and actresses The BET Movie of the Week.
             Robert Johnson graduated in political science from the University of Illinois and then earned a master's degree in international affairs from Princeton University. His main interest in communications came in the mid 70s when he served as press secretary for then-District of Columbia Congressional Delegate Walter Fauntroy and later as vice president of Government Relations for the National Cable Television Association.
             Robert Johnson is the founder, chairman and CEO of BET Holdings II, Inc., the parent company of Black Entertainment Television and one of the leading Black-owned and operated media-entertainment companies in America. Although BET started on a.
             frugal budget of thousands just two decades ago, the Washington, D.C.-based corporation now enjoys astonishing financial and strategic success since its inception in 1980. The company taps into the growing African-American consumer marketplace using a variety of its media properties. The company operates five major cable channels of which BET is the major operation. Black Entertainment Television is a 24-hour programming service targeting African-American consumers.

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