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Pete Rose

            Baseballs critics do not want the man who holds records for hits, singles, at bats, and games played, to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. This man is Pete Rose. The reason is that they claim that Pete Rose bet on baseball games while he was manager of the Cincinnati Reds. Pete Rose denies the whole situation. Baseball commissioner Bart Giamatti suspended Pete Rose from association with professional baseball for life for gambling. With the problems that are happing now days with baseball players having troubles off the field such as Kirby Puckett, who was accused of an alleged sexual assault of a woman in a restaurant bathroom, "which is far worse than betting on baseball", I see no reason why Rose's alleged gambling on his team, should keep him out of the Hall of Fame. Here are my reasons why.
             First off still to this day nobody has proven that Rose did bet on the baseball team that he was managing. In 1989 A investigator named John Dowd put out a report saying that Pete Rose bet on baseball, and in particular, on games of the Cincinnati Reds Baseball Club during the 1985, 1986, and 1987 seasons. It also was said that Pete Rose has went through many bookies while he was betting on baseball. Some of the names that Dowd said he went through are, Ron Peters, Tommy Gioiosa, Michael Bertolini, Steve Chevashore, and finally, Paul Janszen. While denying he bet on baseball, Rose admitted in a 1989 deposition to illegal betting on college and pro basketball and NFL games, going through Tommy Gioiosa. During the 1987 baseball season, Rose got Paul Janszen to place his baseball bets after Rose and Gioiosa went different ways in the spring of 1987. Then after Rose and Gioiosa split up, Janszen relayed Rose's baseball bets to an acquaintance of Rose, Steve Chevashore, who in turn placed Rose's bets with a bookmaker in Staten Island, New York, called, "Val." Rose's betting on professional baseball, including Reds games, was testified by Janszen and his girlfriend, Danita Marcum, and was discussed during a taped telephone conversation between Janszen and Chevashore.

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