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Pete Rose

             If you are a fan of sports then you know what all the turmoil has been about in recent months with the infamous Pete Rose. If you are not a big fan of sports then you probably have seen all the talk about him on numerous television shows. Pete Rose bet on baseball, but the real issue is if he should be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. There are many different views regarding the issue. I personally feel he should be inducted, but many people including some of his former teammates and best friends feel differently about it now that he has admitted to betting on baseball after denying it for almost 15 years.
             Pete Rose certainly has the statistics to be in the Hall of Fame, in fact he leads the Major Leagues in several different hitting categories. Betting on baseball by a player, coach, or manager is illegal. Any ordinary man can do it and it is ok, but if you are involved in baseball you are not allowed to bet on baseball. Pete Rose was caught putting wagers on baseball and also betting on his own team, the Reds. He was then banned from baseball for life for these infractions, this meant that he would not be allowed to enter the Hall of Fame, which he certainly would have, in fact he would have more than likely been a first ballot Hall of Famer. I had the opportunity to read a web page called, Pete Rose Hall of Fame Crusade, it is one man's struggle to get one of the best players the game has ever seen into the Hall. He states on his page" They let Steve Howe (banished 11 times for drugs) back in the game. They turn their eyes, quite conveniently, away from any number of wife-beaters, and drug addicts, every day. Because it pleases their wallets." (#1) This can be taken many ways, all of the things above are against MLB rules as well is betting, so why were they allowed to be reinstated time after time and Pete Rose cannot get re-instated to be inducted? In a mock trial in Cambridge, Mass.

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