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Why Isn't There A Rose In The Hall Of Fame?

             Why isn't Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame? It's a question most worthy of being asked, yet the reasons he's not leave a bad taste in my mouth. Pete Rose doesn't just belong in the Hall of Fame, a statue of him should be standing outside the building. Old teammates who were perhaps more talented, but didn't accomplish as much for nearly as long continue to parade in, while baseball's all-time hit king sits and waits for forgiveness. Johnny Bench is in, Tom Seaver is in, Joe Morgan is in, Tony Perez is knocking on the door, but Rose, who would have been eligible for the Hall in 1992, hangs in the balance. For those who are not baseball fans, and haven't a clue as to what I am taking about let me try and some it up. Ten years ago baseball great Pete Rose was given a lifetime ban from the game for allegedly betting on games involving the team he was coaching at the time the Cincinnatti Reds, the very same team played for and gave his heart to for nineteen seasons. Due to this baseball "death" sentence he is ineligible for induction into the Hall of Fame. Rule five in the guidelines for induction states, "Any player on Baseball's ineligible list shall not be eligible for the Hall of Fame"(Pre-amble1932). .
             Rose has appealed his ban numerous times, none of which have been successful, and his cause for reinstatement is slowly becoming America's cause. Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter submitted an article to a magazine on the Rose controversy stating, "Every man deserves an opportunity for redemption, It's time to forgive Pete Rose" (New York Times 1996). .
             Recently during the All-Star break "10 Ways to Save Baseball" was written and released by the Associated Press citing number three as reinstate Rose. Mike Schmidt, a former teammate of Rose, said publicly at his own induction into the Hall. "I hope some day, some day soon, Pete Rose will be standing right here. I know you all agree with me on that.

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