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A Star Was Born Peter Rose

            A star was born Peter Edward Rose on April 14, 1941 to a Mr. Frank Rose in the baseball city of Cincinnati, Oh. His parent's didn't know it then but they would soon be the proud parents of an extremely talented baseball player. Rose played a total of 24 years of baseball, including being the manager for the Cincinnati Reds ball club only six were spent with another ball club, 19 of those years were spent with the Reds. Pete was thought of as one of the most competitive ballplayers of his generation. .
             Over those years he achieved many recognizable awards, he was named National League Rookie of the Year in 1963; to be chosen for this honor over all the beginning baseball players takes a lot of skill as a player. Also, on September 11, 1985, Pete broke baseball veteran Ty Cobb's record for most career hits (4,256), which to this day is still unbroken. Rose's life is full of a lot of other great achievements also like: NL record for most years played, he played 500 games at five different positions.
             On March 20, 1989 the Major League Baseball Association announced it was investigating Rose for "serious allegations" of an unspecified nature. Kevin Hallinan, Baseball's security chief was the original investigator. Hallinan hoped that the leads given to him wouldn't take him anywhere but they did. Because of Hallinans beliefs John Dowd a Los Angelos lawyer took over the case. It was said that every place they went they found evidence that Pete did bet on baseball. Dowd's report said Pete had bet on baseball and on his team, as much as 1 million during 1985,1986 and 1987.
             Most of the evidence in the Dowd report about Rose was gathered from fellow gamblers. It was thought that Rose bet an average of $2,000 per game on four to eight gamers per week during the spring of 1987. Rose's bookie wasn't so kind either; betting slips were sent to a FBI handwriting analyst. There it was confirmed that it was Rose's handwriting.

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