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The Hall Of Fame

             Just a few men can be in The Hall Of Fame: because not just anyone can be a really great player.
             II) Is There a Hall Of Fame for anothers sports?.
             a) Basketball.
             b) Baseball.
             c) Football.
             d) Other things which are involved with sports.
             1) People.
             2) Music.
             III) Selection Process.
             a) Who can enter to it?.
             b) How are they selected?.
             IV) The best from Hall of Fame.
             a) Players.
             b) Teams.
             c) Coaches.
             d) Records.
             V) Football needs a Hall of Fame, because there is where people can remember everything about the best players , in fact to remember their good time.
             Pro Football Hall Of Fame.
             The Hall of Fame is the biggest honor and motivation for a professional football player also for Basketball and Baseball players too, who have their own Hall Of Fame. That is why not just anyone can enter to it easyly, because while they are playing there are a board of selectors who are watching every move they do. Therefore the dream of every football player is to be better than the others, and this deam only comes true when he never gives up and trusts in his instinc while he is playing or while he is fighting.
             The Pro Football Hall of Fame, which is in Canton, Ohio, first opened on September 1963, it is famous in the United States of America because since it opened, more than seven million visitors have passed through it doors to learn about the history of America's favorite sport. The Hall, which has been changing as it continues adding new exhibits of players, in the last forty years has become into a world-class showplace. This place is a reward for every player but as there are rules for everything and I think that there is rule for it and that is that the player has give the best of him untill he leaves his soul on the field, that is why they have been living in the people's heart and mind , so they will be rembered while football exist and I think it is going to exist forever.
             Basketball and baseball have their own Hall Of Fame, The Basketball Hall of Fame, which is in Springfield, MA, and the NBA has a lot of stories about it players one of them is Michael Jordan who is one of the most popular players in all America, But Jordan is not just the best player because there are a lot of as him.

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