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Baseball and Performance Enhancing Drugs

            Baseball is more than just a game to most Americans. For many people, particularly the older folks, baseball is a reminder of the hardships they overcame and the good times they enjoyed. At one point in time baseball represented purity and happiness, and it provided people with hope for humanity and for the future of this great nation (Grossman, Kimsey, Moreen, and Owings 2). No matter what was happening locally at home or globally around the world, baseball was an outlet for people to divert their attention. Fans followed their favorite players and teams by listening to a ballgame on the radio, watching a game on black-and-white televisions or by sitting in the stands at the ballpark. Furthermore, the right to play the game also meant more to the players themselves. They were not viewed as arrogant and selfish athletes who used their talent solely to make money. Instead, they felt privileged to be earning a salary while playing the game they loved so dearly. These athletes were viewed as role models in society and were idolized by children and adults alike. They played baseball for the fans, instilled pride in their country and earned respect for their talent. .
             In 1936, Major League Baseball created the MLB Hall of Fame to recognize the outstanding achievements of the games' greatest players. They must excel on and off the field to be eligible for induction. To present day, induction into Major League Baseball's Hall of Fame is still one of the greatest honors a player can receive. Unfortunately, induction into the Hall is becoming much less prestigious due to the lack of respect by and for many of the players. At this pace, the Hall of Fame may eventually prove meaningless. This downfall in stature of the players among the American public is related to many issues including the evolution of our society in American. For instance, technology has allowed for rapid spread of negative information about athletes both on and off the field.

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