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Pete Roses: A Legend or a Disgrace?

             In peoples lives today sports play a more important role than most people think. Players are looked up to, idolized and respected. A professional athlete is not only just a player that gets paid big bucks to do their job but they are also often considered to be a model citizen. Their lives are often dissected by society and found to be a success or a failure. There acts on and off the field can determine how a player is remembered when they are no longer active in their respected game. However when a player does something that tarnishes the integrity of the game, his team and himself, that player can be banned. Such is so for baseball great Pete Rose. Rose was one of the leagues most colorful, hardest playing people you would ever find in the game of baseball but was banned from Major League Baseball for gambling on games that he played in and managed in during the 1970's. Although Rose had a legendary career in Major League Baseball he should not be allowed to be inducted into the hall of fame or reinstated back into the game by Major League Baseball.
             Pete Rose was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on April 14th 1941. He grew up with three other siblings to Harry and Laverne Rose. He was always dreaming he would one day be a Major League Baseball player due to his father's encouragement to play sports. His father was a semiprofessional football player and was a major influence in Pete's decision to participate in sports. While Pete was in high school he played baseball and football at his high school in Anderson Ferry, Ohio. Rose was an excellent high school baseball player and as soon as he graduated from high school signed a contract with the Cincinnati Reds. After he signed he was sent to play for the Reds minor league team in Geneva, New York. As his game progressed he climbed the latter of the Cincinnati organization while playing for farm teams in Tampa, Florida and Macon, Georgia.

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