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Pete Rose

            Should a man who has over 4,256 hits be kept from the Hall of Fame because he bet on a few baseball games? The hits leader in major league baseball is banned from baseball, does that make any sense? Pete Rose deserves to be in the baseball hall of fame because of his actions on the field, not off. To not have the all time hits leader not in the hall is total insanity. My personal opinion as you can already tell is that I think Rose should be in Cooperstown, NY. I think Pete should be in the Hall of Fame because of his outstanding stats, love and appreciation for the game, and for all that he could do for baseball if reinstated. .
             Pete Rose was one of the all time greats in baseball even though he does not get recognized for anything that he does. Rose the 1975 Sportsmen of the Year is banned from baseball because of his alleged gambling on baseball games. Rose also was MVP of the World Series for the Reds when they won in 1975. Rose never struck out more than 76 times in a season. His all time batting average is .303, while only striking out 1 in every 12 times up at the plate. Rose batted from both sides of the plate while he threw the baseball with his right hand. Pete has numerous records some which include: most seasons with at least 150 games played, most at-bats, and even most seasons with at least 200 hits. I think what really puts the icing on Pete's cake though is that the city of Philadelphia gave him the "living legend" award from the Philadelphia Sports Writers Association. If Rose is really a legend (which he is) then he belongs with all the other legends in the Hall of Fame. Any athlete i!.
             n any sport should appreciate what Pete has done. .
             Every coach should hope that they have players who play hard, play the right way and respect the game. I think that's the way Pete played. With Roses hell bent, love of the game style he had a positive impact on players throughout the 24 years that he played.

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