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Legalizing soccer betting in Hong Kong

            Soccer is one of the most common and popular sports in the world. People like to see their favorite teams showing up on televisions and sometimes they like to place bets on their supporting teams. Soccer betting has become increasingly widespread in Hong Kong in recent years, both in terms of the number of people participating in it, and the bet involved. It often happened especially when some international soccer tournaments were hold. However, this kind of betting is illegal in Hong Kong. That's why the Hong Kong government wants to authorize soccer betting in order to minimize the illegal betting, increase tax revenue and promote football. Legalizing football gambling seems to be good proposal. But don't forget, the damage it brings to the society could be as much destructive as no one could imagine. I believed that the damages caused from football gambling would outweigh its benefit.
             Firstly, Legalization of soccer betting is not a means to tackle illegal betting activities. In fact, although there is legal betting avenue for horseracing, illegal gambling still exists. According to a conservative estimation of the HK Jockey Club, in the past racing season, the money involved in illegal betting within the territory as well as offshore betting is as high as HK$80 billion, which is similar to the amount placed in horseracing. A similar situation is also observed in Singapore. While betting on local matches is legal in Singapore, over HK$4.3M is put in offshore soccer betting for each weekend match. Legalization cannot solve the problem; illegal betting activities still carry on and provide a lucrative source of income for triad and criminal that will create many social problems.
             Secondly, it will encourage gambling behavior. Provide more gambling tool for the community, and then people will touch the gambling activities easily. Legalization will make soccer betting acceptable. Recent survey reveals that more people will participate in soccer betting when it becomes legal.

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