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Legalizing football betting

            There has been a heat debate on the issue of legalizing football betting. Some think that legalizing football betting is good to the society while some dont.
             I definitely opposed the legalization of football betting. .
             People who support the legalization of football betting may think that it is the best way to stamp out illegal betting. This is definitely not true. It is impossible to stamp out illegal betting even after the legalization. For example, in the western countries where football betting has been legalized, illegal betting is still very very common. .
             In order to gain more money, many people will still bet illegally. The only and the best way to stamp out illegal betting is through strict law. We must rely on the police instead of legalizing something which is wrong. Legalizing football betting may even promote illegal betting in long term as the future society no longer think that football betting is a wrong thing. Legalization of football betting surely cant solve the problems. .
             Moreover legalizing football betting is like teaching our children that gambling is an acceptable form of entertainment. Their moral values will be badly affected. They no longer know what is right and what is wrong and will no longer think gambling is a wrong thing as even football betting is legal. At the beginning they may think that it is only an entertainment, but sooner or later it may turn out to be an addiction. They cannot withstand the temptation of money. They believe they can make a fortune and lose the intention to work hard. Our next generation will be at risk. .
             Beside the above arguments, we cannot neglect the great social problems which may be created due to the legalization of football betting. The legalization of football betting may increase the number of pathological gamblers. They may use up all their money. They may even borrow money and end up in the hand of loan sharks'. Their families will also be greatly affected and the stability of the society will also be badly affected.

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