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Glen Beck and Exposing the Truth about Common Core

             This paper explores what Glenn Beck is trying to explain in "Conform: Exposing the Truth about Common Core and Public Education." Though this book is written by only one author, Beck, he is able to touch on many diverse views of education and how they are all connected. He breaks down the different parts that need to be fixed in education. From the political views and involvement to parents and what they are and aren't doing to make sure students are educated properly. I also outline how I feel about what was said in the book considering I am currently in school to become an educator and a parent.
             Are We Doing the Best to Provide Education For Our Children .
             Conform: Exposing the Truth about Common Core and Public Education.
             Over time, people of all different walks of life, think they know what is best for education. We all know there is never a complete agreement on how things should or shouldn't be changed. This paper will review Glenn Beck's views of what is and isn't being done in public education and what we should and can do to improve education for the future.
             How Beck Views Public Education.
             Beck has very strong views on education. He talks about how we judge the classrooms without being a part of them, those that are about the money not serving the needs of the students wealthy or poor, the rules of what is taught and why are we changing what is taught are just a few things that are incorporated. He compares education to businesses and argues that public education is a monopoly without competition, so they think they can do what they want and charge what they want. "If we agree that parents have the right to choose the appropriate schools for their own children, then we must logically agree that open competition will generate the fairest and most equitable distribution of dollars" (Beck 164). There are private schools and charter schools, but if you do not have the means to send a child there, you will only be left with public schools, the monopoly, who receive the majority of government dollars, our taxes.

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