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Common Core Education System

            Does America honestly believe that segregation is gone? It is not. Discrimination and prejudice continue to occur in our society and they cause segregation. In the United States, the history of segregation in education for people of color is being repeated, but this time with students from backgrounds of poverty. Segregation is occurring as a result of implementing a common core. Common core is an education system in which academic standards are national. "The standards are aligned with college and work expectations and internationally benchmarked." (Education Digest, pg17). Nearly every state has adopted Common Core. However, many are having second thoughts due to the change in political leadership or a response to a pushback in its origins. (Education Digest, pg.17). If the United States implements common core, then people of lower class will not receive an equal education. .
             Overtime Common Core, began to experience opposition. The opposition comes from Tea Party and liberation critics because they believe that educational decisions are rightfully made by parents and local communities. (Education Digest, 19). Additionally, Stephen Krashen states in 'The Common Core' that, "the Common Core ignores the real problem in American Education: poverty". This is because common core's goal is to move towards privatization of public schools to eventually make a small business out of them. This would exclude students from middle-class and low-class families. Krashen describes this situation as, "take from the needy, give to the greedy.".
             Common Core was initially adopted due to the claim that our international test scores are very low. The fact that the US teaches students from different backgrounds was overseen, thus leaving a gap between students of higher income and lower income. In comparison to European and Asian students, American student test scores are low internationally.

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