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Analyzing an Excerpt from Antigone

            The following excerpt from Antigone, by the classic Greek playwright Sophocles, states by Teiresias "all men make mistakes, But a good man yields when he Knows his course is wrong, And repairs the evil: The only Crime is pride." On so many levels, this excerpt explores the validity way of life. Initially, the beginning of the excerpt protrudes to me by stating "think. As the excerpt goes on everyone around the world can relate to the message of lying vs. the truth. The scenario of an personal lie to an friends or court can cause manger problems in the near further from losing a friend to perjury. Ultimately, I agree with Teiresias believing that the problem becomes worse as one denies their wrongs rather than attempting to fix them.
             The beginning of the excerpt Teiresias states the word "think". The word think before any sentence protrudes to most people reading this excerpt. The reason for that being is because Teiresias does not want you to quickly scan this excerpt. Teiresias wants you to stop, use your mind, and really process the message he is conveying. Which is we all make mistakes but it take a real person to own up for what they did, but some take pride of there foolish ways in life. Now, if you were to just skim through the excerpt you might have came up with no one is perfect but that is no where near the full lesson given in the excerpt. Since on the first line it states "all men make mistakes". The first line after the word think. Also draws in the reader especially the opposite gender. .
             To continue with the excerpt, the second to third line "But a good man yields when he Knows his course is wrong" represents the good in people of not being perfect but fixing the mistakes you have made. In life your going to make lots of mistakes but the only way you can improve; is by fixing your self when not told so. The last line in the excerpt, "The only crime is pride" represents the fools that will make a mistake and take pride in it.

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