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1984 Essay

            In his novel, 1984, George Orwell introduces a shocking and deplorable type of society in which privacy and personal creativity are a thing of the past. While reading this book I was amazed and shocked as to how the world could ever become this way. I believe that Orwell purposely wrote his novel in this way: to shock and alert people to the possibility of becoming subjected to an overpowering government. It seems that he is trying to warn his readers of the dangers of totalitarian society.
             Orwell uses images such as "telescreens" and posters of "Big Brother" with moving eyes to paint a very frightening portrait of what Winston's world is like. As the reader, I could not imagine the lack of freedom and uneasiness that I would feel living in this kind of society. "The party" monitors every move a person makes. Not only are people's actions watched constantly, but also even thinking the wrong thought can be a deadly crime. Orwell writes of the "Thought Police," people who watch out for citizens that seem "out of the ordinary" or as if they might have ideas against the party. He is trying to show that in these kinds of societies, freedom to think your own thoughts is not even allowed. .
             Besides thoughts and actions, the party also fights against basic human instincts. The human tendency to feel lust and passion must be hidden or unfelt by the members of the Oceania society. At one point in the novel Winston comments that if a man and a woman show they feel physical attraction towards one another, they will most likely not be allowed to get married. This is because the party wants complete control over a person's thoughts and feelings, and if a married couple is deeply in love and physically attracted to each other, they are less likely to fully commit their loyalty to the party above all else. Orwell is showing here that this society is designed to control every aspect of a human's personality.

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