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Why People Should get Vaccinated

            In the 20th century Diphtheria claimed the lives of 21,053 people on average every year, as of 2010 there have been no deadly cases of Diphtheria. Vaccines have eradicated multiple diseases due to the fact that they were mandatory; for instance polio and small pox. More and more people have been starting to have fears that vaccines can have certain risks and cause harm, especially to children. When vaccines were discovered, there was no questioning whether or not it was saving lives, but now there is a lot more uncertainty in peoples beliefs. People have been back and forth on whether or not vaccines are completely safe, bringing statistics that show very vague correlation, but so much so that they decide to not vaccinate their children leaving them at risk of being endangered by diseases most people are now immune to. People should get vaccinated because they protect us from the enemy that strikes from within. Vaccines have been proven to save lives, they benefit developing countries, and the benefits far out weigh any risks of getting vaccinated.
             Vaccinations have been statistically proven to save lives. It is estimated that 732,000 lives of children alone have been saved since 1994 due to routine vaccinations, in addition 322 million cases of children being sick were prevented due to routine vaccinations (Gohlipour). There is no getting around the fact that since the creation of vaccinations, diseases have claimed fewer lives than they did the era before vaccines. The small pox virus would claim the lives of over 29,000 people and has now been completely wiped out along with others like polio and CRS. Due to the creations of all these new vaccines over 5 million cases have been prevented from the top fifteen diseases annually in the world, when compared to the 20th century averages of (Epling). There are many things that the opposition will say to discredit the effectiveness of vaccines, but when the statistics come into to question there is no other way to interpret them: since the creation of vaccines the morbidity rate has drastically decreased in the world.

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