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Vaccinations and Immune Systems

            We are in the 21st century and in 2015 to be exact, a point in time, where vaccines have become a part and a vital necessity which plays a huge role in our everyday lives. Many of us will have had a previous encounter with vaccinations at some point, possibly as a child or of an up and coming disease. If not, I guarantee that you will know of at least one person who has been vaccinated before. The worldwide acceptance and use of vaccines have for many decades, protected us from and eliminated many threatening decreases. Thus integrating itself into our bodies and becoming regular and recognized. Despite this, the matter/use of vaccination weights differently on a lot of individuals, with many people demanding against it for different reasons (2). However, in this report, we will look at the reasons as to why people are for and against vaccines as well as the implications associated with them while focusing extremely on the use of childhood vaccination in Aotearoa, New Zealand. If we look at the history of New Zealand then, the introduction of vaccination occurred in 1926 (15), at that time, the Ministry of Health began the administration of the Diphtheria Vaccine (5) (2). Being the first introduced in NZ, it was only available for certain selected schools and orphanages. In the 1940's beside MOH there were numerous health administrations such as Plunket. In the year 1961 (5), The Department of Health found vaccines effective and posed a scheme where every child received only a total of 3 vaccinations. But now in 2015, NZ vaccination is available and free for everyone especially for children between 0 to 18 months old. .
             Before discussing the different viewpoints regarding vaccinations, we will first and foremost, look at what a vaccination is as well as how it works. Vaccination for that matter is the administration of antigenic material and or substance, in order to stimulate an individual's immune system to develop adaptive immunity (7) to a pathogen, which is a resistance against foreign organisms and which provides protection to the body (2).

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