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Literary Devices in Wuthering Heights

            ´╗┐Literary devices in Wuthering Heights.
             The novel, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte relates a story of passionate love which ends in despair and melancholy for both Catherine and Heathcliff who are the main characters of the novel. The author employs various techniques to make the story more interesting and to captivate the readers. Throughout the novel, there is an underlying eerie and dark tone and not much of happiness prevails except as embers. Though the main theme of the story is love that is highly passionate and emotional, jealousy and vengeance dominate love and passion and eventually desolation rules. However, the story ends with hope when the young Cathy and Hareton seem to be happy. The readers hear the story from two major narrators, Lockwood and Nelly Dean who almost invite the readers over to Thrushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights, the two houses in which the whole story takes place. Both the main narrators maintain a sense of suspense and mystery throughout and bring out the subtle changes in tone whenever the narration centers on either Heathcliff or Catherine. The author employs literary devices such as using the tone to enhance the meaning of the events that happen and she uses literary devices such as irony, simile and personification to give a depth to the events and dialogues of the characters that make up the story. .
             The tone of Wuthering Heights is dark and eerie and one cannot find a wide range of tones because it is persistently grim. The tone is the description of the speaker's attitude towards his subject, and it is usually described by adjectives. The attitudes of the two narrators shape the tone as the action develops. Lockwood's fascination of Heathcliff and his curiosity in telling 'he is the kind of man that he would like' begins with a lighter mood and tone. But when he understands how sinister Heathcliff is, the narrative tone becomes darker.

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