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Painting: Return from the Market by André Fougeron

            The picture has a lady as a center subject. She is sitting on a chair at a table. She is holding a large loaf of bread in her hand that is resting on her lap. She is wearing a long coat with stalking's and black shoes. She has a very blank and serious expression on her face and her eyes are holding a fixed gaze as if they are staring right at you. Beside her is a bag with groceries and a milk can. The table she sits at is covered in a checked cloth and has some money on it, a towel, a book and a pair of reading glasses. There is a red coloured terracotta tiled floor. Behind her is a sink which has a cupboard below it with vessels in it and a gold coloured tap above it. The yellow wall in the background has some clothes hanging on it. .
             The painting contains mainly a primary colour scheme with greys. This colour scheme gives us a feeling that the painting is old. There is a lack of energy due to the colour scheme. The dull grey colour of her drees gives the emotion of dullness. Grey has a dampening effect on other colours used with it. The standard red terracotta tiling brings a certain highlight to the picture. The dull yellow wall in the background balances out the other colours in the picture. .
             The subject of the picture has been positioned right in the center to draw focus and attention to her. There is a sense of balance and order in the picture due to the table and clothes hanging on the right hand side and the sink and grocery bags on the left hand side. .
             The painting shows a kitchen in a home. I think the lady is from a lower middle class family.  She is still wearing her coat, presumably having just returned from shopping in a market. The loaf of bread in her hand which is tightly gripped indicates to me that she has just sat down after returning. Milk and bread are the staple foods of the lower economic class. The vegetables in the bag do not show much variety showing that the food she cooks is not very exotic but the food of a simple man.

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