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Philosophy as Defined by Socrates in The Apology

            The apology by Plato is a dialogue given by Socrates during his defence for corrupting the youth and not believing in the gods of the city. Socrates in his defence explains to the people of Athens his views and their origins. The role of philosophy offers one a language of expression that functions within a definable context and a manner of life which serves as an existential option. As a language of expression firstly, Socrates commonly articulated himself in a manner not ordinary to the everyday man of Athens; his ideas were in the pursuit of truth and wisdom in the form of inquiry and discussion. Secondly, philosophy as an existential option can easily be witnessed by observing how Socrates lived his life. .
             Philosophy offered Socrates a language of expression that allowed him to convey his words within a definable context. Pierre Hadot in his book of Ancient Philosophy defines this language of expression as a Philosophical Discourse. He highlights how a "philosophical discourse is an expression of the existential option of the person who utters it" (Hodot, 2002:176). Truth and the pursuit of wisdom are two ideas which always highlighted the Socratic discourse. This is easily witnessed in the opening of the Apology as Socrates utters the words, "My accusers, then, as I state, have said little or nothing that is true: but you shall hear from me the whole truth" (Woodhead, 1953:31). It is a fact that Socrates wanted nothing but to speak the truth and be judged justly. His language of expression which seeks to discover the truth can also be witnessed by analyzing the manner in which Socrates defends himself against each charge brought against him. Firstly in his defence for corrupting the youth for example, Socrates breaks down the accusation and redefines it in a clearer manner, devoid of any ambiguous slander against him. He denotes the false notion that he is a teacher by highlighting how he has never taken money for his lessons.

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