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Characters in Everyday Use by Alice Walker

            In "Everyday Use", the narrator shows how important culture and heritage is.  Mama suggests appreciate of heritage and while doing so have it pass on from generation to generation. The short story is told by an African American woman "Mama" who lives in the Deep South along with daughters Maggie and Dee (changes her name to Wangero). The story illustrates the difference in a mother and the difference in personality of her two daughters. Everyday Use saw of the three characters with Mama and Maggie sharing same ideas and Dee having different values and perception on live. The story reaches a very high point with a mama denying Dee request to take the hand- made quilt and instead wanting for Maggie to have it instead. Alice Walker in writing "Everyday Use" brought about some amount of conflict, in order to bring about the meaning of heritage. .
             The main characters were all noticeable opposite with the narrator (mama), describing herself as a "large, big boned woman with rough hands, man working hands" (paragraph 5). Mama was of African-American decent, mid-age. An independent woman, poor yet took pride in her work. Dee, the eldest of the two daughters was educated and determine. She would always look any one in the eye. Dee upon changing her name to Wangero hated things that lack beauty around her. Old items were look at as just part of her heritage. Dee's character represents the strong black woman. A woman who was educated and wasn't afraid to adapt to different cultural trends. Maggie unlike Dee was unattractive and of thin body. The narrator compares her to a lame animal, run over by some careless person. She- walk with her chin on her chest, eyes on the ground, feet in shuffle. Unlike Dee, Maggie was shy and preoccupied with her own thoughts and feelings. Maggie attitude and interaction change ever since she was burned in a fire. In contrasting the two sisters the story shows denial of the Afro-American race in finding there American heritage.

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