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Connie in Where Are You Going...?

            In this story "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been" a girl name Connie she was always so in love with how she looked that her mother didn't like that at all because that was all she cared about was her looks. Her mother would always talk good of her sister June because she didn't really care about her appearance like her sister. Connie's sister goes out with her friends so would Connie. Connie's best friend's father would take them to the mall and just leave them there for hours and don't ask how it went or anything. After he leaves they would run off to a drive-in restaurant to meet some boys instead of staying put where they were dropped off at.
             Connie met a boy name Eddie that night who invited her to go out to eat. Connie left her friend at the restaurant to go with him. They went walking through the parking lot and she saw a strange man in a gold car. The strange boy smiled at her and said, "I'm gonna get you, baby." Connie hurried away from Eddie without him even knowing. They were together for three hours at the restaurant and at an alley. Sometime Sunday morning they don't go to nobody church. But her family left her at the house by herself as they went to a barbeque. After they left she did some stuff with her hair and sat outside to let it dry in the sun. She went in the house and listened to the radio. She heard a noise of a car coming up her driveway he blew the horn for her to come out. She looked outside and she seen it was the same gold car from the other night and she was scared. She looked out the door, and seen it was the same strange boy that she seen the other night.
             The boy just was smiling and just started talking to her like he knew Connie. She was trying not to show that she interested in him because she didn't know who he was and kept telling him that she doesn't know him. He got out the car and pointed at his door which was his name which said "Arnold Friend.

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