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Where Are You Going? Where Have You Been

            You May Get Me - You will Not Have Me.
             Some would believe the secret to success in getting the person you want, is by being absolutely in charge and not letting up despite the reaction of the other person. Having said that, Joyce Carol Oates, "Where are you going, Where Have you been?" is a story about a man named Arnold Friend who tries aggressively to get a young girl named Connie to be with him. Connie is a person that does not get any positive attention at home. She looks for attention in the street, where she meets a man named Arnold Friend. Connie is initially attracted to Arnold as he gives her some positive attention, and then becomes afraid of Arnold, because of his over aggressive and threading behavior to get Connie to leave with him. .
             The first time Connie shows her interest in Arnold is at the drive-in restaurant as she is leaving with a boy named Eddie. She is leaving to go and get something to eat and to take pleasure in the freedom she has for the moment. Connie notices Arnold as she walks with Eddie to his car: "Connie slit her eyes at him and turned away, but she couldn't help for glancing back and there he was still watching her" (Oates 695). Arnold shows Connie he is fascinated in her: "He wagged a finger and laughed and said, "Gonna get you, baby, -" (Oates 695). Connie Shows further interest when she takes another look in his direction. On Sunday, Arnold drives to Connie's house to make good on his promise: "Gonna Get you, baby" (695). Connie does not recognize the car or the driver. Yet, she is excited that some male is there that may give her something stimulating to do and this makes her wonder how she looks: "Her heart began to pound and her fingers snatched at her hair, checking it, and whispered "Christ, Christ," wondering how bad she looked" (Oates 696). Connie looks out the door and recognizes Arnold driving the car as being the guy that wagged his finger at her.

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