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Where are you going? where have you been?

             "Where are you going, Where have you been?" by Joyce Carol Oates reveals a pattern that mainly consists of two things: Arnold Friend symbolizes Satan and Connie must be raped and murdered. The portrait of Arnold is created in the mind of Connie and that is the only place where it exists. On the other hand Arnold Friend is not satanic at all, his arrival could be one of a savior.
             Connie whispers "Christ Christ" when Arnold first arrives in her driveway in his golden machine. "33" is part of Arnolds secret numbers but when he draws an "X" that seems to hover in the air; it is also a cross one of the symbols for Christ. Right now this could be seen as Arnold being her savior from the world that she has created in her own mind. Connie is a daydreamer dreaming about all the boys she met, but none were ever perfect for her. Arnold is everything she wants a man to be. He comes at the right time to sweep her off her feet. Music is also closely associated with religion and Christ. When Arnold pulls up in his car tuned to the same station she was tuned to, it made her feel more relaxed and put her at ease: "The music was always in the background like music at a church service". Arnold friend is Christ revisited, a messiah who would lead her to salvation. .
             Connie is the story creator having diabolic traces in her own imagination that frighten her making not aware of this reality. In a sense it is reality because she is doomed. In Enter Mysterious Stranger, Roy Male asserts that many mysterious intruders in a story are almost always saviors, destroyers or combinations of both no matter which way they may enter into a story. Arnold is a short devil who stuffs his boots to make himself appear taller. He may stuff his boots to hide is hoofs. The result is he can't walk without looking like he has deformed feet. Arnolds got some supernatural power by knowing everything about her, to making an "X" hover in the air.

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