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Joyce Carol Oates And Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

            The Life of Joyce Carol Oates and Her Story Where Are You Going, .
             Joyce Carol Oates is no doubt one of the greatest authors of her time it is obvious that her writings endure even today. Upon reading her biography and descriptions of her works it is inferred that Oates is a bit strange in the way she chooses to write. For example, the author explains that:.
             There have been changes in Oates's writing habits in more recent years. While her first novels were all written on a typewriter, first draft through, then revisions, then final draft, the more recent novels have been written in longhand. (Westcott 3: 120) .
             Some may not view this as strange but if it is considered how many stories Oates has written and the length of many of these I am sure it is easily understood some viewing her as strange. No matter her form of writing though she is still essential to American literature even today. Perhaps, one of her most notable works is the short story Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? .
             "The material for Oates's writing comes from everywhere [and] her characters are admittedly composites of real people" (3: 120) this statement could not be more true when you consider the origin of the short story "Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?" The story is roughly based on a true story of a young killer in Arizona. The fact that she would write about such a heart wrenching true story portrays something about Oates herself. She must have been touched when she heard the accounts of the murders if she took the time to sit down and devise a story about them. She added some great detail to the story when describing the main character "her name was Connie. She was fifteen and she had a quick, nervous giggling habit of craning her neck to glance into mirrors or checking other people's faces to make sure her own was all right" (Oates 148). Maybe with these statements about Connie, Oates was actually giving us glimpses of her own personality or perhaps maybe someone else that she knew.

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