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Nationalists and the Spanish Civil War

            "The Nationalists begin the war of 1936-39 with a clear advantage that explains their ultimate victory" How far do you agree with this statement?.
             It cannot be said that the advantages of the Nationalists at the start of the war was the main explanation for their victory. Although the command structure of the Republic was undermined at the beginning of the war due to distrust and disunity whilst the Nationalist enjoyed more discipline and harmony their corresponding positions were more or less evenly matched. The Spanish army was equally divided and both sides were roughly equivalent geographically. It was ultimately international involvement that was the main reason for the Nationalist victory. The time and the nature of the support that Italy and Germany give to the Nationalists were fundamental to their victory and it was unequivocally better in comparison to the support that the Republicans received giving them a clear advantage. However, these are not the only reasons to consider, the role of Franco whilst not indefinitely down to him being a unique leader was important in unifying the Nationalist forces. In addition, the divisions of the left although not so significant later in the war did play a part at the start in severely contrasting with efficient, more unified Nationalists giving them a crippling disadvantage. .
             The advantages of the Nationalists at the beginning of the war lay mainly in their unification of their army which the Republic struggled with and also in their advantage of owning much of the food-producing land. The army of the Republic was undermined at the beginning of the war as 66% of the officers joined the Nationalists. This made it very difficult to run the army effectively as the command structure had been undercut. In addition, while the Nationalist army continued to function as normal, the Republican Army was in disarray. Politicians did not trust loyalty of remaining officers; militias conflicted with regular army e.

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