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Methods of Concentration

            Successful people have a deep control over their bodies. The authority over body provides self-assured stance and it is not only the most important factor that contributes to providing a positive impression on other people, but also ensures an intense concentration on the road to success. Are you the master of yourself? You can have a car which is a technological masterpiece, but it will not take you anywhere unless you do not know how to use it. The young people who are at the beginning of life should learn how to concentrate to a goal in order to be successful in the world today. The degree of success is directly proportional to how much being concentrated; any action that actuate desires, stimulate senses, and excites mind weakens and dissolves concentration and also concentrating skill requires control over body such as controlling hand, eye, or finger movements and to control trivial behaviors helps you to focus better to the main point.
             One reason why the degree of success can be affected negatively is the behavior that reduce the control of mind. The time you have should not be wasted by reading emotional stories or useless newspaper articles. For example, reading a love story does not give you any consciousness or help you to sublimate the love feeling you have. It takes you into it without your control by hurling aimlessly and concentration dissolves easily. Only the newsworthy events should be read on newspapers or internet for not to be engaged the things that are not related with you in any way. A story or an action that makes feelings and emotions activate weakens the concentration.
             Another awareness that successful people put into practice is having control over their bodies. For instance, when you look at the people who have an important position in the society while they are studying or giving a conference, their bodies are more controlled for not to waste energy on unnecessary movements so that they can provide all body energy to the subject.

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