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Obesity Theory

             Currently, obesity is being considered a national epidemic. Not only are adults rapidly becoming obese, their children are as well. There are many reasons that people gain weight and then find it hard to lose. Dieting is a common way that people choose to lose those extra pounds. The problem with diets is that they are designed around the idea that they will work for everyone. Most diets do not work at all, let alone for every person that would try it. The article in Redbook, Laura Flynn McCarthy asserts, "They are the real weight-loss pros, and they have one overriding message: If they did it, you can too" ( 62). She insists that these four particular women have the answers for all weight loss. And if a person follows what they did, then the weight will just come off. People become discouraged when they are unable to lose the weight, which may lead to other problems related to emotion, family and health issues.
             Pregnancy, going out to eat often, and boredom often lead people to become overweight. Today's society is still going by the proverb "You can never be too rich or too thin". Women commonly accept this belief more so than men. How far will women go to lose those extra pounds? To answer this question, each individual must look inside himself or herself.
             Although diets are designed to help the population in general, most diets are modified by the user and end up not working at all. When a person feels deprived of the things they want, in this case food, they will go even farther to enjoy the food once they are around the food. It is easy to see how people are becoming obese with food portions being typically three times the suggested serving for a person of normal height and weight.
             People in general eat for different reasons besides the fact that they are hungry. We often hear of stress eaters, emotional eaters, availability eaters, and last but not least the It's only twenty-five cents more to super size eaters.

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