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Reforming America's Criminal Justice System

            Reforming America's criminal justice system is a top priority, in order to end racism, and to clear up the population's tarnished image of law enforcement. Although the media, has its right to portray things the way they desire, we still have to fix what they depict, as it is our government/country that we live in and we are supposed to take pride in it. Also, let's not undermine the fact that what the media portrays is accurate, and there are many instances of corrupt officials in the justice system abusing their authority that the news does not capture. Racism is a war, just as crime is, and I believe strongly that if the law enforcement is polished up, so that the view against them is less harsh and dangerous, we may be able to sustain, or better yet end racism in this country as a whole. First, off we must realize that the result of ending racism can be none other than a positive aspect in this country. Racism is a war, in which many people have been falsely accused, jailed and killed for hundreds of years now. The problem that we face with racism is a grave one, as we must first figure out where to begin, in order to end it all. Obviously, the most obscene accounts of racism are observed in the media, and they are depicting law enforcement taking harsher actions against minorities, as opposed to other races. Therefore, we shall start in the justice department first, when it comes to ending racism.
             Racism in law enforcement has become such a common deed, as we date it back to 1991 with the Rodney King beating in Los Angeles, California. We won't go into detail about it, as it is just an example, for how long law enforcement has acted unjustly towards minorities. The sad thing about this whole racism war, is the fact that it occurs in all areas of the field. That's right! It can even be found inside the police station itself between other officers. There have been countless African American men and women who report being subject, to not being promoted because of their color and who they are affiliated with, according to (Martin, 1994).

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