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Token Economy in Juvenile Correctional Facilities

            The focus of this paper is to draw the focus of how we live in a society where it seems as though the children of tomorrow are left behind your children. This paper brings to light how I feel towards our society's lack of understanding these youths and I chose this topic through my own siblings struggles with the norms of society. This paper offers many varieties and ways in which the use of token economy is very beneficial to the development of the minds of these delinquents when have abandoned, because the act outside the confines of societies rules and regulations. This paper focusses on the questions of what is token economy, what are the growing issues in the juvenile facilities of which your own child might face and how token economy can be useful and last but not least what are the results of the use of token economy in such facilities. Parents need to know how their child are being taken care of in such settings and what methods do these facilities offer for their treatment. This paper is to put into perspective what is to become of the kids of tomorrow when injected into these facilities and it is the duty of us as American citizens to know what is being done to revert them back to society. The main direction of this paper is to prove that token economy is the right system that juveniles should be entwined with in these facilities in order to return back into the good graces of society.
             Token Economy.
             In the U.S there are too many kids that are placed in correctional facilities and being dubbed Juvenile Delinquents. Their far cry for help has been underrated in terms of the help that they are given, so how can we as a nation expect these kids to be good citizens of society? In the United States, such a great nation in its own right there are approximately since 2012 3,941 arrested juveniles for every 100,000 youths between the ages of 10 to 17. There has been a decline for all races in juvenile arrest since it peaked in the mid 90's, however blacks remain the dominant group of more juvenile arrest compare to whites.

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